What we do

In this web based economy, fraud and risk are the domain of the tech savvy, organized, international fraudsters. Using data to make informed decisions about payments is the life blood of a successful eCommerce business - but making sense of the never-ending stream of information gets harder every day.

Analyzd was established by people who thrive on data and have vast experience in fraud prevention, risk management and business intelligence. Our motto is simple: we take your data, use it to become intimately familiar with your users’ behaviors using our unique methodology, and then deliver insight to guide the decisions you need to make and create the change you’re looking for – so you can win.

How will it affect your business

Transform the way you make decisions about fraud, payments and business with us, and see huge impact to your losses, false positives and bottom line. We start with a basic assessment of your current system and the gaps in it. Our projects vary from monitoring and dashboard design, through rule-set optimization to starting whole risk departments. Make sure you seed your internal organization with the top-notch experience and knowledge we bring with us.

  • As Risky As It Gets

    October 31st 2010
    Posted by: Ohad Samet, Co founder, VP analytics.