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Who is analyzd?

Ohad Samet // VP Analytics
Ohad began his fraud prevention and payments adventure when he established and headed FraudSciences’ fraud analysis and operations team. This operation ran thousands of transactions from risky verticals, staying at under 0.1% of bad approvals and a low rate of declined transactions.

When the company was acquired by PayPal January 2008 for $169M, Ohad worked to transform the analysis team into a group of researchers. He then headed the acquired company’s business solutions group responsible for over $15M in profit optimization and loss savings including the launch of several new payment products globally.

Ohad recently headed PayPal’s New Ventures Risk Management team, in charge of PayPal’s expansion to new markets including gaming, software, mobile payments and more and is also leading PayPal’s risk management engagement with Facebook, Zynga and other industry leaders.

Ohad is a renowned blogger and thought leader in the fields of mobile and virtual goods risk management. His blog can be found at http://fraudbackstage.blogspot.com.
Yuval Samet // VP Business Development
Prior to launching analyzd, Yuval served as the General Manager of APAC for Logia Group, a mobile Value Added Services company. During his tenure in this role Yuval led 4 subsidiaries in India, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand to create a mobile monetization distribution network and mobile billing solutions for carriers and developers communities.

Yuval previously served as the Chief of Staff for Logia Group, headed the strategic planning processes, annual work plans and successfully delivered intensive costs savings programs.

Prior to Logia Group he served as Comverse’s Instant messaging division’s Delivery Manager and lead Tier 1 projects’ implementation, from presale support to delivery within the leading telecoms worldwide: at&t, Verizon, MTS, T mobile US and more.

Yuval began his High Tech journey as an Operations Officer in Mamram (IDF’s central computing unit) where he delivered large scale infrastructure projects and managed vast operations teams.